Confidently Trusting God

Jeremiah 17:7: 
Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him!

I needed this today.  

I've been battling a lot of self imposed doubt, taking it to God weekly, sometimes daily, knowing it's not from Him and prayerfully seeking to be released from this paralyzing shackle.  

The enemy is good at reminding me why I should be consumed with this 'Purpose Paralyzing' doubt:

  • business failure in the last 2 years
  • financial mess (as a result of the above)
  • heartbreak and betrayal in the last 2 years
  • friends and colleagues I have wronged or let down in the last 30 years will laugh at me, mock me or call me out for my past failures and shortcomings
If I stop and think about it for long, the bulleted list keeps growing.  The enemy is good at shooting those arrows at us.  

I awoke today mindful of the empowering and Jesus driven purpose I ended yesterday with.  It had been a wonderful day spent doing the things I was perfectly created to do.  I couldn't wait to face this new day, ready for more of the same!

After spending time at His table where He reminded me in Proverbs 4:11 that He guides me in the way of wisdom and leads me along straight paths, I was empowered again to hit the key boards of my computer and finish what I had begun the day before. 

And then the distractions began.  

First it was an email.  Then a post I saw on Facebook that reminded me of a time when... {no need to walk down memory lane here...suffice it to say that the memory was of a past failure listed in the bullets above}.  Before I knew it, doubt was taking over and I was paralyzed.  

What was I doing?  Why did I think I could do it?  Retreat... 

Into my hole I began to crawl.  A familiar hole that lets me disappear and forget that I am here for a purpose.  I don't love the hole...nor to I hate the hole.  It's just a place to hide...a place where I can't get hurt because there is no one there to hurt me.  

It's also a place where I am imprisoned.  Shackled and paralyzed.  And if I do nothing, I can cause no harm and no harm can be done to me.  

It hasn't been that long ago when I would settle into this hole for days or weeks at a time.  But God has been working overtime to coax me out over the last few months, feeding me with His healing words and reminding me of that feeling of joy that comes from stepping out in His strength for His glory, doing His work.  

So today, before I got too comfortable in that familiar hiding place, I got on my knees and asked my loving Father ~ "what do you want me to do?". 

And He answered:
Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him!

Jeremiah 17:7

 And as I prayed over this verse, my Heavenly Father reminded me....
  • That business failure was not a surprise to me. You are looking at a small part of a bigger picture.  Trust Me...I have great plans for you.  
  • Your financial mess is not missed by me.  Have you forgotten how I have provided for you one day at a time.  Trust Me...I will not abandon you.  
  • The heartbreak and betrayal was painful, I know, but it does not define you.  Trust Me...healing is yours and I'll provide that healing balm you still need.  
  • Those friends and colleagues you fear will mock your or reject you, they are Mine too, and I'm working in them just as I'm working in you.  Trust Me...keep your eyes on Me and I'll lead you on the path I've planned for you.  

As I sat at the table with Him, feasting on this perfectly prepared meal, my confidence grew strong in Him.  The shackles were released and I stepped out of my hole and into the truth of His light.  

Yes Lord, I trust You.  

And in trusting You, I find my confidence.  

I can walk confidently forward, trusting Your lead.  

Eyes fixed on You Lord; 
blinders on so I cannot be distracted by  
the arrows of the  enemy .  

I'm ready to do this...with You and for Your glory

Lord God, I am overflowing with a thankfulness.  I cry out to You and You answer me. You do not leave me in my hiding place but call me out so you can feed me with Your life giving words. You replace the lies of the enemy with reminders of Your faithfulness.  Forgive me for needing to be reminded.  In Your name I walk with enthusiasm and confidence.  In Your name I am able to accomplish good things.  When I succumb to the weakness of my flesh and crawl into my hole, it's the power of Your name that brings me out, ready to run for Your glory.  On my knees, praying in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.  

Our recipe today is for Confidence found by Trusting in Him
The ingredients are from Jeremiah 17:7
The directions are When doubt closes in around you, take time to sit at His table and be reminded of His faithfulness.  

{CLICK HERE for a printable version of today's recipe for the soul.  Make notes on it of how God is speaking to you today, and carry it with you to feed your soul as needed.}

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