Holy, Holy, Holy ~ Lord God Almighty

Reading through Leviticus, there is a lot of detail about sacrifices, rituals, priests, etc., and I will confess that I was inclinded to skip over a lot of it.  But I reminded myself that the goal for reading the Bible in 90 days is to actually READ each chapter and book so that God can reveal more of himself to me. 

And so I asked God to show me why I needed to know all of this detail that had nothing to do with my walk with Him today.  We don't do those rituals or practice sacrifices anymore. 

Soon I began to see how all of this detail emphasized the Holiness of God and the reverence He deserves.

And I began to ask myself, do I truly appreciate the Holiness of God.  Do I understand the reverence He truly deserves. 

Because salvation eliminates the need for the formalities of the Old Testament, is there a tendency to loose sight of the majesty and glory of God? 

Today I challenge you to stop for a moment and consider who God is.  And to take some time today to show him ~

Lord God, I confess that I am prone to get comfortable in my walk with You and see You as an old friend when You are more than words can describe; more than my mind can fathom.  By a word You create all that lives and breathes.  You are perfection. You are so holy that You cannot even look upon sin.  But because of the covering of Christ, I am able to come into Your presence.  I confess that I minimize the magnitude of my sin.  I fall prostrate to the ground, unworthy of being in Your presence, and humbled that You would provide a way for me to kneel before You.  There are not enough words to praise You; not enough hours in a day to sing Your praises.  I stand in awe and wonder. I lift my hands to praise You.  Hallelujah and Amen.   

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