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This BLOG is all about DISCOVERING the scripture that God has written to feed our soul, APPLYING it to our lives as we exchange good eating habits for bad and ultimately developing a CRAVING in our soul for this good food. 

Some blog posts feature a link to a PRINTABLE SOUL FOOD RECIPE CARD that complements the blog topic. 

The key scripture, supporting devotional, prayer and the Soul Food Recipe Card are designed to work together to take you thru the discovery process, instruct in the application and satisfy the craving.

The published blog posts will explore different scriptures that inspire, direct and teach us in the ways we can feed our soul.  Take time to read the devotional that goes with each scripture, pray over what you have read and then journal your personal thoughts. The journaling is the time you ‘discover’ what God is wanting you to see in your life at this time. 

The key scripture for each devotional is supported by a Soul Food Recipe Card.  The ingredient will be the key scripture and the directions will be the application steps gleaned from the supporting devotional.  Take time to pray and ask God to show you how He wants to work in your life on this key scripture.  Ask Him to reveal to you any bad eating habits He might want you to exchange with this new habit. Write a few of the thoughts God lays on your heart onto the back of your Soul Food Recipe Card

This is where the Soul Food Recipe Cards are best used.  Ask God to give you a craving in your soul for His word as you study each new scripture.  A soul that craves a Word from God will not be satisfied until it receives that which it craves.  The Recipe Cards also help with memory and application practice by carrying them with you.  Refer to them throughout the day, reading the scripture to commit to memory, reviewing the application steps to develop new habits and refreshing your memory of the things God laid on your heart for personal application (which you write on the back of the Recipe Card).  

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