Shut in and Sealed

I was reading my first section for Reading the Bible in 90 Days and came to this:

Genesis 7:16 "....and then the Lord shut him in." 

I was led to pause after those words and the following was impressed on my thoughts. 

These are the closing words following the story of Noah building the ark, filling it with all of the creatures of the earth, food for those creatures, food for him and for his family that were also loaded onto the ark. "And then the Lord shut him in."

Up to this point God had told Noah exactly how to build the ark, but Noah had to obey and do the work.  When the danger he had been warned about came upon him, Noah had his place of refuge.  (Psalm 31:1-2)

When Noah needed to find security and safety in that place of refuge though, all he had to do was follow the path God laid before him, into the ark and the 'THE LORD SHUT HIM IN'.  He sealed Noah in and provided complete protection. 

I was struck at how this mirrors our walk with Christ.  God tells us how to receive salvation, how to come into fellowship with Him and find refuge, but we must obey and do the 'work' required.  Not 'works' to earn our salvation but 'the work' of obedience.  'The work' of coming to Him with a repentant heart and submitting our life to His will.  We must obey and then we are sealed with the blood of Christ. 

Just as God was very specific in His instruction for Noah in building the ark that would provide him a place of refuge, God is very specific in His instruction for us to find redemption and refuge in fellowship with Him.  I'm so glad He made it so clear that all I had to do was obey. 

Father God, You are my rock, my refuge, my shelter in the storm.  You give me peace when peace cannot be found.  You opened the door, I entered and you shut me in.  Though storms may come and flood waters may rise around me, I am shut in by Your redeeming love.  I am safe.  I live.  Thank You Lord for Your perfect plan of redemption.  Thank You Lord for shutting me in.  I am safe in the arms of the one that went to the cross for me.  And it is in His name I pray.  Amen. 

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