Tell Him Your Secrets, Burdens and Fears

God is Faithful. Faithful in all things…not just the little things, not just the big things, but in all things. He is faithful BEYOND the kind of faithfulness you and I are capable of.

The definition of faithful is….to be firmly fixed in affection and in adherence to promises. Our God is firmly fixed in His affection for us and firmly adheres to His promises given to us in scripture.

I find tremendous comfort in the fact that God is firmly fixed in His affection for me. His love for me will never waiver or change. NEVER! Even when my friends waiver in their affection for me because of circumstances, bad choices or situations, God's affection for me remains strong. And to know that every single promise given to me in scritpure God will firmly adhere to gives me a security that surpasses any earthly fear.

And yet, even knowing all of this and claiming it as truth in my life, there are days or seasons when I let the enemy poke at me, trying to irritate me to the point that I respond with doubt, shame, guilt or fear. But in those times, there is a Psalm that I run to. A Psalm that gives me a perfect picture of that affection and promise of God's faithfulness.

Psalm 31: 1 – 2 In You, Oh Lord, I, put my trust. Let me never be ashamed. Deliver me in YOUR righteousness. Bow down your ear to me, deliver me speedily. Be my rock of refuge; a fortress of defense to save me.
I love this verse because it gives me a great image of how GENTLE AND LOVING my Father can be and at the same time be a TOWER OF STRENGTH.

‘Bow down your ear to me’….I can ask Him to bow down His ear to me so that I can whisper into it my needs and share with Him in private the things that shackle me with shame or burden me with guilt. I can tell him the secrets that I hide from the world. I can do this without fear and in complete trust.

The image it gives me is of one of a small child who is in trouble or in need of help and her father, who towers over her, is by her side. She looks up and motions for him to come down to her so she can whisper in his ear. The father kneels down so his ear is close enough for her to whisper privately, without fear. She can tell him her concern or need and the father listens without judgement. Then reaches out to draw her near, whispers something back, something that makes her smile, and she is released from the fear, shame or guilt that was burdening her. Her father gives her a hug, picks her up, puts her on his shoulders and continues down the road. The young girl is beaming, knowing she is loved, cared for and precious to her father.

This is our Father in Heaven. And even more so than the father we just pictured…the Psalm says…
Be my rock of refuge; a fortress of defense to save me.
A fortress is a strong fort. A fort is a permanent army post. So GOD IS MY PERMANENT strong post of defense. I can trust Him to always be there. Even when I may stray from His side; even if I have never known Him in a personal way…HE IS THERE. He is permanent,. He is faithful in His affection and promises. All we have to do is seek Him and He will deliver us just as this Psalm says…
Deliver me in YOUR righteousness….deliver me speedily.

The first definition of deliver in the Webster dictionary is ‘set free’! WE ARE ‘SET FREE’ IN GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS. This promise is secured in the blood of Christ as evidenced in Romans 4: 22 “This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe” It doesn’t say….to all who have done nothing wrong and believe. It doesn’t say…to all who have never been tangled up in the consequences of their sin or the sins of others.
NO….God says His righteousness is given to every single one of us who believe in Him…no strings or baggage attached! In fact, this Psalm tells me that He will deliver me speedily. Once I whisper my shame, fear, guilt or burden into His ear, He doesn't ask me to wait while He thinks about it. He doesn't give me a list of things to do for pentance. He sets me free as fast as I confess it.

God wants you to draw near to HIM. What are you holding onto…what is between you and the one who desires an intimate relationship with you?
  • Maybe you have been keeping him at arm’s length…He is here and desires to be close to you.
  • Maybe you are holding onto the guilt of a personal sin...He is here and desires to set you free.
  • Maybe you are shackled with the shame of the consequences of others sins…He is here and desires to set you free.
  • Maybe you have never claimed the righteousness given to your through the blood of Christ…He is here and DESIRES TO SEE YOU CLAIM what He came to give.
In You, Oh Lord, I put my trust. Let me never be ashamed. Deliver me (set me free from the shackles of shame and burdens of guilt) set me free…in YOUR righteousness. (a righteousness that I can claim because I believe that the blood of Christ was shed for me to cover my sin). Bow down your ear to me (come close Father…I need to whisper something in your ear without fear of being ridiculed or made to feel ashamed)....deliver me speedily. (set me free just as quickly as I confess or share with you the burden I carry). Be my rock of refuge. A fortress of defense to save me. (Be that permanent place of strength and refuge…that permanent place where I can draw near to you and You draw near to me…)
Take a few moments now to whisper into His hear what you need Him to hear.
God Bless and Keep You,


  1. Amen Tami! with love ~ Shane

  2. Tami, this is absolutely delightful!
    I love the picture you papinted of the father bending down to listen and then whispering words of forgiveness and freedom into his little girl's ear. LOVE IT!!!
    And I am so glad that I can tell my Father anything - anything! - without fear. His grace is big enough.