God Plans for Everything

Ex 23:29-30 (MSG)

29 I won't get rid of them all at once lest the land grow up in weeds and the wild animals take over. 30 Little by little I'll get them out of there while you have a chance to get your crops going and make the land your own.

What a wonderful example of God knowing what is best.  I can only imagine how the Israelites would be inclined to ask God to deliver all of the promised land unto them right away.  I'm reminded of the times I have come to the Lord and prayed for things that I felt should happen sooner or faster than they were. 

"Hurry Lord, please don't make me wait."

And then when my plea for immediate results are not answered, I come back and cry out to Him, "why is it taking so long Lord.  Don't You hear me?!"
This verse reminds me when I am inclined to be impatient that God knows where and how we need to be strengthened and prepared or equipped before He delivers all that He promises me. 

Lord God, forgive me when I am impatient and desire immediate satisfaction. I am so thankful that You plan for my sanctification as much as You plan for the victory.  I kneel before You today and trust You completely.  Give me eyes to see You working in the little things along the way so I can grow stronger in You.  In the name of my savior, Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen.

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