Do You Really Trust Me?

Human trust is a fragile thing.  If I were to evaluate my answer to the question, 'do you trust me', for every person I have a relationship with I would have a 'yes and no' answer for each one; purely based on experiences I have had with them over the years.

And then I think of the one relationship I have in my life where I can trust with all my heart.  I don't have to worry about guarding any part of my heart from trusting Him. 

Psalm 13:6 ~ I sing to the Lord because He has taken care of me.
Isaiah 40:11 ~ He takes care of His people like a shepherd.  He gathers them like lambs in the arms and carries them close to Him.  He gently leads the mother of the lambs. 
Psalm 16:5 ~ No, the Lord is all I need.  He takes care of me. 
1 Peter 5:7 ~ Give all your worries to Him, because He cares about you. 
Ephesians 1:19 ~ God's power is very great for those who believe. 

The list of scriptures touting the promise that we can trust God completely is long and these are but a few.  But none of them will find good soil and grow strong roots if this one is not first recevied:

God’s Word of Unfailing Love

Psalm 143:8 ~ Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

If we do not understand that God's love cannot fail, we cannot trust Him 100%.  The fact that I have boundaries around the trust I have in my husband means I don't trust him 100%.  I recognize that he might fail me sometimes.  I recognize that every human relationship has the potential to 'fail' me simply because the flesh is weak. 

And yet God's love is unfailing.  God, by definition, cannot fail.  If  we cannot believe this 100%, then we cannot trust Him 100%.  But the question to answer is 'what is our definition of fail'  Does God fail us when He does not answer a prayer in the way we expected?  Does God fail us when life is hard?  Does God fail us when earthly relationships fall apart? 

Unless our trust is grounded in the unfailing love God showed by sending Christ to the cross to cover our sins, then our trust in Him is subject to what He is or isn't doing for us today than in what He did for us once and for all. Our trust must come from receiving what God did in the past, not what we perceive Him doing or not doing for us today.

My trust in God today is a result of
what happened along the way to Calvary,
not what didn't happen today.

So I ask the question again... Do you trust me?  Only this time, hear God asking you that question.  Hear him asking it when you are frustrated with what seems to be unanswered prayers. Hear him asking it when finances couldn't be worse.  Hear him asking it in every situation and circumstance in your life. 

If you were to develop the habit of hearing God ask this question about every situation, decision or frustration in your life, how would it change the way your react or respond?  How would it change the level of tension, anxiety or stress in your life?  Please leave a comment with your thoughts or answers to these questions to encourage others who may be working through some of the same issues of 100% trust.  When we think we are alone, we are discouraged.  When we see others seeking God in the same way we are, we are encouraged.  Use the comment section to be a tool of encouragement for God! (it's easy...just hit the comments link below.  If it says 0 the first to kick things off!)

Find a verse, a scripture of promise, that speaks to an area in your life that you need to trust God in 100%.  Claim that verse, memorize it and repeat it as the answer to hearing God ask "Do you trust Me?". 

CLICK HERE to find a blank Food for the Soul recipe card that you can fill in with your claimed verse as the ingredients and the write the directions as they apply to your personal situation.  Ask God to show you an area of less than 100% trust in Him and seek His direction for healing.  Write those directions to remind you how God is wanting to work in your life today. 

Almighty God, my heavenly Father who calls me 'friend',  I bow before You with praise in my heart.  My life is changed because of Your unfailing love.  I am no longer bound to finding happiness and peace in the situation of today.  I confess that there are times that I lose sight of the true meaning of unfailing love and take for granted what You did on the cross.  If You never did another thing 'for me', the cross is all I need and I thank You for reminding me of this when I am prone to forget.  Because of this unfailing love, I can trust You 100%.  I can trust every promise of every scripture You ever wrote.  I can trust You to answer prayers in ways that don't make sense to me but are better than what I can imagine.  I can trust You to carry me when I just can't go any further.  I can trust You to provide when there seems to be no way to make ends meet.  I can trust You even when I have not been trustworthy...for You never turn Your back on me, but welcome me with open arms each time I fall before You with a repentant heart.  I trust You Lord with all my heart.  


  1. Just found this ... two months later. I find it easier to trust God than to trust people, and honestly, I trust most people, so I guess trust comes fairly easy to me. That said, I still worry and try to control things, rather than trust "everything will be alright." Need to work on the follow-through of the promise, I think.

  2. I trust him with all of my heart, mind, and Soul!

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  3. In fact, the only person I trust fully is God. Great post!