We Need to Keep in Touch

As I read the story of Moses going up the mountain for 40 days and returning to see the Israelites worship idols  and false gods, I always have the same question; how could they fall away from so quickly? 

This time, as I read it again, I saw something new that struck a familiar chord.  The Israelites went through Moses to talk to God. They did not have the Holy Spirit or scripture as we do today.  It occurred to me that over the course of 40 days, they began to fear Moses was gone and sought things of the world to fill the void.  They went back to the ways that were familiar from their time in Egypt. 

This brought my thoughts to times when I neglect to spend time at the table reading God's word, praying and seeking to His face.  The longer I neglect that time with God, the more I am inclined to default to 'old ways' of the world. 

What a wonderful reminder of why it is so important to stay close to God, seeking Him daily so that we are not inclined to default to things that do not honor Him.  What a gift we have been given in the Bible and in the Holy Spirit.  May we never take it for granted. 

Lord, how can I ever thank You for the gift of the cross and all that came with it.  The blood of Christ gives me direct access to You so that I can seek Your will and Your way through prayer.  Your scripture tells me who You are, who You have been and who You always will be.  Forgive me Lord for the times I have taken all of this for granted and neglected to take the time to seek You through Your word and through prayer.  Give me a longing to spend time at Your table daily that I cannot deny.  In the name of  Your Son I come to You in prayer.  Amen.

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