Memory Verse 1 ~ Listen and Respond

I have committed to memorizing 2 verses a month, so twice a month I'll share the verse I just memorized, how it spoke to me and the the verse I am memorizing next. I'd love for you to join me, memorizing whatever verses God lays on your heart. Share your verses in the comments section and we can inspire each other with God's words!

1 Samuel 3:9 ~ And if He calls say, "Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening"

I love that I can type that verse without stopping to look up the scripture reference!  *grin*

Today I have committed to memorizing the second verse for this year, but wanted to share how God has used this first verse in my thoughts as I rehearsed it day after day for the last 2 weeks.


Actively listen to be exact. 

I am such a driven personality type that I can easily get ahead of myself at times.  When I get excited about something, it's not ready, set, go...but GO! 

As I wrote this verse in my journal day after day, it soon became like a song in my head that I couldn't get rid of.  But unlike an annoying song you can't stop singing, this verse calmed me and gave me focus. 

Your servant is listening. 

How can I obey if I am not listening? 

I was reminded of how I trained my children to come to me when they were toddlers.  If I called their name and they did not come immediately, we would 'practice' listening and coming for the next 5 minutes.  Practice meant I would put them in the place they were playing when they failed to come the first time I called them and then I would go to different rooms in the home and call them with the expectation that they would come when they heard me call their name.

I only had to 'practice' with each child at that age a few times before they understood what it meant to hear momma's voice and what it meant to respond to momma's voice.  They were not punished for not hearing me the first time, but were trained to do better the next time. 

So as this memory verse repeated in my head over the last 2 weeks, I was reminded of the times I did not respond to God calling me and that He never stops calling.  I've just been learning how to recognize His voice better and better all these years. 

I was reminded again of my toddlers in training and how usually the reason they did not come the first time I called them was because they chose to ignore me and continue doing what was right in front of them because it was 'more fun'. 

Do I really need to say more about that! many times did God call me to 'come' and I chose to ignore Him because I was having fun right where I was or thought another plan looked more exciting. 

I firmly believe that God puts lessons, people and verses in front of us for a purpose.  That when we come to His table daily to feed on His word , He is feeding us what we will need to be prepared for what is coming.  Prepared to recognize His hand, His leading and respond to His calling. 

So speak Lord, Your servant is listening.  I will hear when You call my name and I will respond. 

The verse I am committing to memory for the next 2 weeks is:
Psalm 147: 10-11
His pleasure is not in the stregth of horses, nor His delight in the legs of a man; the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love. 

Are you commiting His word to memory this week?  I'd love to know what word God has laid on your heart and would love to pray for you as you commit it to memory ~ just leave a note in the comments section!

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  1. Love your thoughts on this verse, Tami. I sometimes think listening is a lost art.