Make Me Lord!

Psalm 119:35~ Make me walk along the path of Your commands, for that is where my happiness is found.

In a previous devotional, we discussed how the word path in scripture is interpreted from different forms of Hebrew words. In the verses for that devo the Hebrew word used meant 'the rutted path of a cart or wagaon'. The word for 'path' in today's verse comes from a word that refers to ‘lifestyle’. The full definition says: ‘path, way, road; by extension: behavior, lifestyle.’ We have explored how path can mean a rutted path carved out by God that we must purposefully jerk our wheels out of to leave, and now we have a word to remind us that when we stay in this path God commands, we will always find happiness.

Oh ok, so if that is where happiness is then I’m not leaving this path! And since this path means behavior or lifestyle by extension, then I will behave just as God commands. But wait, I can’t help but notice that the Psalmist starts this verse with ‘make me’. “Make me walk along the path of Your commands.” Make me behave according to Your commands. I believe we are given a clue here. Just as in our exploration of the word about the cart in the rutted path, our flesh wants to seek happiness on paths that appear to be more interesting than the one we are looking at sometimes. We can be led to behave in a way that is not in line with His commands. Well, at least my flesh has. You?

If you have children, or if you are an adult with siblings, you recognize the words ‘make me’. They are usually fighting words! "Oh ya? Let's see you MAKE ME!" They are told to a brother or sister when one is telling the other what to do. Sometimes it’s for their own good, but our rebellious nature wants to resist the ‘good instruction’ because they aren’t the boss of us!

And so we come to the twist on those ‘fighting words’. God is the boss of us. Plain and simple. We are reminded over and over that we are to submit to His authority willingly. So I say in agreement with this Psalmist, “God ~ MAKE ME!”

Make me want to walk along the path of Your commands.
Make me feel lost when I am not following the path of Your commands.
Make me seek the path of Your commands when I am not sure where I should go.

Open your bible and see that in the verses leading up to Psalm 119:35. The Psalmist asks the Lord to teach him His ways and give him understanding of His ways and then he says MAKE ME. When we ask to be taught with a desire to understand, the understanding makes us want to actual do what we have been taught.

So today I cry out to God, “MAKE ME”. I want to behave as You command. I want to live a lifestyle that You command. I want to walk the path that You command.

Are they fighting words? You bet! I am fighting with the power of the Holy Spirit against the will of my flesh and the deception of the enemy. To them I say “You can’t make me but God can!”

PRAYER:God, You have laid a path before me that will bring me happiness and You glory. Your word tells me that this path is the lifestyle I am to live and the behavior I am to exhibit. I cry out to you Lord, MAKE ME walk that path daily. I confess that I need You to be ‘the boss of me’ so that I don’t get lost along the way. Teach me Your ways, give me a mind that understands and make my want to heart obey. Show me if my lifestyle or behavior has taken me down a path that is not of You and make me want to come back to Your commands. If I am lost, make me feel so lost and alone that I seek You with all my heart. And Lord, let me find You quickly. Amen.

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