Keep Your Wheels in the Deeply Rutted Path

Psalm 23:8 ~ He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. NIV

The Hebrew word used for ‘path’ in this verse literally means a rutted path of a cart or a wagon.Think about a rutted path. It is created because carts and wagons have taken that path over and over and over. The wheels of the carts and wagons have carved out a deep path that others can follow and not get lost. It has been used so much because it has proven to be the best path to take to reach the destination successfully. In fact, a rutted path that is followed over and over for long periods of time can be hard to get out of. The wheels are deep in the path and one would have to intentionally jerk their wagon wheels out of the rut to go in a different direction.So this verse actually says, God leads me in the rutted paths of righteousness... God is telling us that if we will just walk in the path He has carved out for us, we can't get lost and we will live a life pleasing to Him. And by specifically choosing this Hebrew word, I can't help but think God is reminding me that as a believer filled with the Holy Spirit, getting off His path is an intentional act of rebellion. Think about it...a wagon doesn't easily wander out of a deeply rutted path, it has to be forced out.

I know the ways God leads. I know them because I have His Word to tell me. I know them because I have the urging of the Holy Spirit to tell me. But too many times I take the reins and jerk my wagon out of the rutted path and head down a path that I am sure is much better. Am I the only one? Is this familiar to you too?

This word today is reminding us that we don’t need to hold onto the reins. God has His hand on each of us. His word leads us onto the rutted paths that will keep up in His ways.

And so, if I have chosen rebellion, the best thing I can do is to submit those reins back into the hands of the Lord of my life and let Him lead my cart back where it belongs. And as my wheels settle back into the deeply rutted path, I’ll know I’m home again; right where I belong.

Rebellion is done to bring honor to ourselves. If we choose a path that is not directed by God, we are choosing to go against His authority (rebellion) and instead choosing to prove our way is better (pride / or desiring honor for ourselves) When we choose to stay in or return to the rutted path of righteousness, our actions bring honor to God. What do you choose today?

Lord of my life, I come seeking Your rutted path of righteousness. Show me if my wheels are outside the walls of the deeply rutted path You have set before me. If there is any rebellion in my heart, show it to me now so that I may return to Your path and bring honor to Your name. Father, I realize that too many times I reach for the reins of my cart out of pride; seeking to make my own path in life. I bring this to You today and ask You to make me mindful of my prideful ways so that I may repent and return the reins to Your Almighty Hands. It feels good to be deeply rutted in You Lord. Amen.


  1. Another beautiful, touching posting. Thank you, Tami. Love you,

  2. Tami, wow that is powerful and oh so true!