We do not submit to defeat but instead we submit to victory!

As Joab, the head of David’s army, realized that the Ammonite and Syrian armies were in front of and behind his army, he divided the troops to fight separately with the understanding that if one struggled, the other would come to help. And then he said the words of our key verse.

 1 Chronicles 19:13
13 Be strong, and let us use our strength for our people and for the cities of our God, and may the Lord do what seems good to Him

God showed me a strong picture of trust and submission in these words today.

TRUST:Joab was surrounded by enemies. His army was weakened by division of forces. But he was stepping out in the strength of God, in whom he placed his complete trust. So complete was that trust that he said ~ ‘and may the Lord do what seems good to Him’.

I am a person of order and planning. I find great joy in getting my calendar organized down to the minute with to do lists and meeting schedules. It brings me such peace to have an organized closet and drawers. And spring cleaning is like a holiday for me! Organization and planning is my thing. God knows this about me because He made me this way. But at times this can interfere with my ability to let go and follow God’s lead.

Joab reminds us here that even when we have our plans in order, ultimately we must trust that the Lord will do what seems good to Him, even if it doesn’t stay within the plans we have made.

Joab learned this deep trust by seeing God do things in his lifetime that didn’t make sense to the human eye. No plans of man could have resulted in the things God accomplished under King David, and thus Joab learned that even with the plans he made for battle, ultimately God would do what was best.

What has God done in your life to show you that He can be trusted to do what is good for you, even when it doesn’t make sense?

SUBMISSION:There was Joab, head of the might army of David, about to go into battle, obviously with the intention of winning, but instead of saying “and may the Lord bless us with victory’, he says ~ and may the Lord do what seems good to Him’. What a strong testimony of submission to the authority of God this must have made to his troops.

So many times I have made my plans with specific intentions in mind for the final result, and then asked the Lord to bless them with specific results expected. And so often the results have not been what I desired, even disastrous at times, only for me to learn down the road how God’s hand was in all of it and it was actually all good….very good.

Because Joab trusted God so completely, submission naturally followed. He gives us a good word today, as we approach our Lord with our plans, requests and pleas; we can do so with total submission to His authority, trusting His good intentions for us, His chosen ones.

Joab shows us that submission to God’s authority is not the image of submission society has made it today, an image of weakness and cowardice. No, submission to God’s authority is done from a position of power. We are children of the King who have all the power of God on our side. We submit to the ultimate power and goodness of God.

We do not submit to defeat but instead we submit to victory!

Lord God, maker of heaven and earth; ruler of all; giver of life; king of kings and lord of lords; I bow before You today acknowledging Your authority over my life. Thank You for showing me both in history and in my personal life that You have good plans me. Forgive me when I doubt and forge ahead in my own plans without seeking Your will. Thank You for the grace You show as I stumble through my life learning to trust You and the plans You have for me. Forgive me Lord for the times that I struggle to submit to your authority and I work in personal pride. Thank You for the grace You show me as I trip over myself learning that submission to You brings victory! Give me eyes to see Your plans today Lord. Give me a heart ready to submit to Your plans and a body ready to do Your will. And Lord, give me a mind that never forgets that it is all done to Your glory!


  1. Another beautiful posting, Tami. Thank you for blessing us with your words of inspiration. The final paragraph touched me the most and revealed the truth and heart of the matter for these words. Too many times, we are constantly seeking outside for comfort and truth, when we should be retreating inside to God. And society gives submission to anyone (except what society rules as permissible) as bad, weak, and stupid.
    How refreshing to know that it is okay and actually better to submit - everything to God. Then the peace that passes all understanding encompasses us. Thank you again,

  2. Yes...refreshing and freeing! What a feeling of freedom I have when I let go of the controls and trust God to do what is best. Ever since I learned this lesson, my kids say things like "mom, you are so much more fun these days!".

    Thanks for contributing to the message today!!