God's Timeliness

I love how God is a timely God. There is a song our choir sings about Him being an On Time God, and while that is absolutely true, I experienced God's timeliness in a different way yesterday. I was in Minnesota, about to fly back to Texas and as usual, in praying for the day I asked God to guide and direct my travels. This particular morning I knew I had a very short (30 minute) time between connecting flights. Since DFW airport is quite large and I was certain the big jet I was flying into Dallas on would come into a different terminal than my puddle jumper jet to Tyler would fly out of, I knew I'd be tight getting off one plane in time to get to the other plane. However, as long as all fights were on time, I felt good about making it, just in time.

However, as I prayed that morning, I specifically asked for God to make my flights timely. It was a purposeful prayer, as I felt led to pray for timeliness, not on time flights. I even considered the wording as I prayed, defering to my faith in God to be in charge vs. me telling God what schedule to adhere to.

As I stood at the airport, waiting for the announcement for the first group to board, the attendant instead announced that the plane I was waiting to get onto had just now pulled into the gate. DELAY. I remembered my prayer that morning and rested on my faith that God would take care of this. My thoughts went to several ways He would be able to do this.
  1. My flight out of DFW could be delayed by the same amount of time
  2. I could be put on the next flight into Tyler without any overbooked flight issues.
  3. I could call my husband to drive from Canton to Dallas to pick me up.

So, I relaxed and chose not to stress over the obvious fact that there was no way I was going to make that tight connection now. I'd let God guide and direct me to plan B.

As I sat in my assigned seat on the plane, the captain came on the intercom to apologize for the late arrival into Minnesota, explaining that there was a strong headwind that slowed their flying time. He went on to say that this same headwind would now be our strong tailwind taking us back to Texas. This meant we would fly faster than normal, thus our estimated arrival time to DFW was 20 minutes earlier than the original arrival time on my ticket.

AMAZING! Our God is AMAZING!! We ended up landing at DFW 30 minutes before the scheduled time, with an open gate to accomodate our early arrival (for those that fly frequently, you'll understand how miraculous that was in itself!). I had a full hour to make my connecting flight.

God's timeliness is better than any on time schedule I could ask for. I love that I can trust God with the details. And I love that I can trust Him to be 'timely' in everything in my life. What may be a headwind slowing me down today could be the tailwind that drives me forward tomorrow. I can trust God to guide and direct my path completely.

Have you had a life experience where it seemed that your plans were being slowed down only to see later than God's timeliness was in control of the situation? We'd love to hear it!

God Bless and Keep You,



  1. Great reflections Tammy. Although I can't say I've had a similar experience I can recall times where I've prayer for something specific and received the opposite. But, God's timing is perfect, and ultimately, in Him I must TRUST.

  2. I am experiencing a headwind right now, as you know, and at times it is hard dealing with it. Actually, I've been in a headwind for the past couple of years, and even though I can see the end is near, it's still hard to stick through it! Hopefully when the visa arrives, it will be a quick tail wind trip to Russia! :D