Are You Just Driving Thru?

I was chatting with friends on Facebook the other day and wanted to share a note from one of those friends that is so true. Cindy Pirtle posted this note:

I was listening to an XM Radio commercial for the Catholic Channel on Fox News during this morning's drive to school. The clip made an interesting point. Society is so expectant of the fast food, instant gratification, GIVE IT TO ME NOW lifestyle, that we tend to treat Jesus the same way. We pull up to the Jesus Drive Thru, give him our order (wants, needs, questions, etc. . .) and expect that by the time we get to the check out window, we should have answers and results. The problem with that mentality is the Jesus really wants a relationship with us and anyone who is married will attest that "relationships" take time and effort. When you pull through, do you ever get to know the girl handing you the Happy Meal? Of course not. Dear Lord, please help me through this day, and by the way can I get a toy with that?

Cindy and I share frequently and she is very familiar with my passion to see Christians develop healthy eating habits around the table with God. Relationships of all kinds are formed around the dinner table, not at the drive thru window! God is calling us to spend time at the table with Him daily...we just have to pull up a chair! When I think of it this way, I become aware of the times I left God sitting at the table alone or when I have put something else in His chair.

I am so glad that God never gives up on me. My soul hungers for time with God. The table is set and I am invited daily to pull up a chair. Lord, forgive me when I put other priorities in Your chair. Lord, forgive me when I leave you sitting at the table alone. Lord, thank you that my reservation for 'dinner for 2' never expires. Lord, thank you for creating in me a new sense of urgency to spend time in Your Word daily.


p.s. how do you spend time with God? What are your devotional times like? Share here and then hop over to Heart Reflections to see what others are saying about devotional time.

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