Take a Deep Breath

Romans 6:11 says ~ reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
We are alive in this new body!

I heard this described this way once:
To be alive in the flesh, you must breath. As long as you are healthy, you don’t have to think about it. Breathing just happens.

If you are paralyzed though, your body may need help breathing. It knows it needs to breathe to stay alive, but it has lost touch with the power needed to breathe without help.

Being alive in Christ should be just like that; breathing in the spirit without even thinking about it. As believers, we are alive in Christ and we live by breathing (if you will) the Spirit of God. BUT… just as in the flesh…if we are paralyzed, our breathing doesn’t come naturally. Being paralyzed in the spirit is what happens when we let the enemy deceive us with those thoughts of shame, guilt and fear we have discussed recently.

So don’t let the enemy paralyze you. Take on the full power of God given to you at your point of ‘resurrection’…your point of salvation!

In fact…as Christians, we should be desperate for every breath of God.

Have you ever been swimming under water and it took you a little longer to get to the surface than you anticipated? By the time you break to the surface and get to take that first breath, you are desperate for it. You can’t wait to get it. You know you can’t live without it and you will get to that surface as fast as you can.

This is how desperate we should be to breathe in the word of God every single day.

I praise God that I am alive in Christ; that I am resurrected in my salvation. I pray that if I get too deep in the challenges, problems and wordliness of life I will feel desperate to run to the word and seek the face of God so that I can breathe in the truth and power of His spirit! And not just little breaths now and then. I want to take a deep breath and live in Him.

What do you think?


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