An Invitation to Read Truth Together and Share

A busy family life has kept me from posting new devotional thoughts lately, but I'm still pulling up a chair to His table daily and wanted to invite you to join me!

There is a community called She Reads Truth, where women from all over the world connect over God's word while following a reading plan together.  I'm currently reading through 1 Peter with them and while we are on Day 4, it's not too late to join in with us!  

I've also been posting my thoughts on the facebook fan page for Feeding A Hungry Soul.  You'll find my thoughts on the last few days of reading already there, and links to the reading plan attached.  

I've never really mentioned that fan page before, simply because I wasn't using it very much.'s the perfect place for me to post thoughts on each day's scriptures as I've been going through this reading plan with  She Reads Truth.  

What I would REALLY LOVE is to have us all come to that table together.  Share if you like, or just read and enjoy the fellowship quietly.  It's all good...but know that I'm saving a chair at the table for you!  

While you are there, ( facebook fan page for Feeding A Hungry Soul), give us a like if you feel like it.  

May you be blessed by His presence today,

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